Hiring St.George Regional Construction Manager

Hiring St.George Regional Construction Manager

Regional Construction Manager 

The Regional Construction Manager is responsible for managing and overseeing all aspects of the residential construction projects within a specific geographic region.  

Position Summary

·       Title: Regional Construction Manager (RCM)

·       Management of all Vertical Construction Activities, of Residential units, including supervision of Field Staff and Community Team involvement

·       Full time Salaried Position

·       Reports to Vice President of Operations and Regional Operations Manager

·       Central office located in Draper; Regional office located in Saint George 

Position Roles and Responsibilities

·       Project Management/ Scheduling 

o   The Regional Construction Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of construction projects, from the initial planning stages to execution and completion. This involves coordinating with various stakeholders, including customers, architects, engineers, contractors, and vendor partners.  


·       Quality Assurance 

o   Responsible for ensuring the highest standards of quality are delivered during construction projects.  Regional construction managers are responsible for monitoring and inspecting work at various stages of construction to ensure compliance with specifications, codes, municipal ordinances and Fieldstone Homes established quality programs. 


·       Building Department and Legal Compliance: 

o   The Regional Construction Manager ensures that all permits and legal obligations with regional municipalities are enforced.  This includes adherence to zoning and planning regulations, building codes, environmental requirements, and contractual obligations with Fieldstone Homes customers. 


·       Risk & Safety Management

o   The Regional Construction Manager is responsible for identifying and assessing potential risks or issues that may arise during construction projects and to develop effective strategies to mitigate them. This involves monitoring and inspecting safety practices, ensuring compliance of safety regulations, and implementing any additional risk management protocols needed within the region.




·       Budgeting and Cost Control 

o   Responsible for establishing project costs with the internal leadership team to ensure all project budgets are allocated correctly and completed within the established project budgets.  The RCM is responsible for monitoring and reporting adjustments to project budgets during construction.  




·       Customer Relations: 

o   Regional Construction Managers maintain effective communication and manage customer experience and expectations.  As the onsite point of contact for customers, the RCM is responsible for updating customers on the construction progress, address concerns, and strive to maintain a positive customer experience throughout the construction process.


·        Team Leadership

o   The Regional Construction Manager is responsible for leading and managing a team of construction professionals, including Field Construction Managers and other construction support staff within the region.  This involves assigning tasks, ensuring efficient collaboration, onsite and offsite meeting facilitation and providing construction guidance and support to the Community Team members.


Overall, the role of the Regional Construction Manager is multifaceted, requiring strong leadership, project management, and communication skills to successfully deliver the construction projects within their region.

To apply please send resumes to laurier@fieldstonehomes.com