Finding a Perfect Home Community

Finding a Perfect Home Community

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One aspect of choosing where you want to live is how you feel living there. Finding your perfect home community is a priority at Fieldstone Homes. It can be a challenge to capture the feeling of a community if you don’t live there, but Kellie Little, VP of Marketing at Fieldstone Homes, gave us some key things to look at which will help you feel and understand what it will be like.

Curb Appeal

The aesthetic of your home is obviously a huge factor, but also the whole neighborhood. You want to feel you belong in your home community. The architecture sets the tone and feel of the community. Then you add the materials and that makes the community pop.

You want to make the home yours. You can still choose the quality products and color pallet (warmth, james hardy planks, organic (wood, stone, etc.)) and even more customizations. The white farm is still popular look.


Do you want to have fun right where you live? These huge perks can make all the difference. Do you want to swim and have a clubhouse for parties? Would you like to be outdoors on trails, pickleball courts, at a parks or even a stake park? The activities right in your community is the big cherry on top.


Location will always be the the biggest factor in determined where you want to lay down your roots. Are you wanting to close to the best schools, close to work, or to freeway access? It can be a great idea to live a little further out from work to have your most desired location.

Hot Areas

There are areas here in Utah that are springing up as amazing home communities to live in, each with specific benefits. Here are just a few:

Park City – restaurants, recreation, clear air and access to Salt Lake City. This are also has a lot of outskirts or suburban areas. Inventory in Park City proper is the lowest its been in 25 years Southern Utah – from Payson down to Spanish Fork, 15 minutes from downtown Provo, close to outdoor recreation, a peaceful and serene community. Silicon Slopes – Northern Utah County/Lehi/Traverse Mountain, lot of jobs, a couple billionaire dollar companies, restaurants, new public and charter schools within minutes, spectacular top-of-canyon views. You can start to experience your new home and community by going online to From there you can see a model home and then go check out a community.