3 Way to Use Paint to Elevate Your Home & Increase its Value

3 Way to Use Paint to Elevate Your Home & Increase its Value


(Good Things Utah) – Color, wherever you find it, sets the mood for a home’s interior and conveys how you want the space to feel. Choosing the right paint colors in your home can make all the difference, after all, it’s the backdrop for all of your interiors and the place you’ll most likely spend most of your time. Case in point, you need to get it right.

With the help of Fieldstone Homes, you can skip the do-overs and pick the perfect interior paint colors the first time around by getting exactly what you want from the ground floor up! (Color can also be a powerful tool for attracting buyers to your home once you decide it’s time to move on). 

Today, Kellie Little from Fieldstone Homes talked about why paint is huge in any home – and why new homes are no different. 

Fieldstone Homes has a THINK BOLD approach when it comes to building new homes with the best trades in the business. This seasoned Utah-based homebuilder is hard at work bringing custom homes to life and getting the colors right every time. While some builders are over 12-18 months out in build times, Fieldstone Homes delivers exactly what you want, when it is expected. 

Start with a Great Base Color 

The base color of any home is simply the walls. This color determines the mood of a home. This is one of the most important design decisions you will make in a home because there is so much of it.

What’s trending in paint Farmhouse designs are trending towards white lately. Speaking of white paint, there are so many colors of white to use so do your homework. Try a patch on the wall. The lighting in the room affects the hue so make sure you love it before investing. Transitional is light a bright but may bring in some bold pops of color. Color blocking is huge on the interior and exterior of the home. 

Warmer Colors are coming back so watch for that. They were in a cool gray and now it’s trending towards a warm gray and even mid-tones that border the gray and brown hues. Remember the color should reflect your style and not just the latest trends.

Get Creative with the Trim and Door Colors 

Trim colors also vary but tend to be more muted. There are usually two options for trim and Fieldstone is seeing some of the reverse two-tone emerge again. That’s where the base wall color is light and the trim color is dark. The DeVisser’s highlighted this earlier in the year. Interior doors can be painted even if you don’t paint the trim for a more polished look. It looks more stylized. 

Don’t Forget the Accent Wall or Feature 

What a difference a pop of color makes in any home. Do you prefer something more sophisticated or playful? Enjoy the perfect pop of color and get a powerful impact in the room. 

Fieldstone Homes is building homes and has available lots. In fact, the homebuilder has several new communities so visit our website for locations and what’s coming up. 

Antelope Meadows Grand Opening

Fieldstone Homes have two new communities – one in daybreak with a grand opening in January and townhomes in park city. Go to the website and register to be on the VIP list. The Antelope Meadows Grand Opening is this Saturday 12-5 pm with free lunch.

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– Ian Bartlett