Why Buy New?

Why Buy New?

(Good Things Utah) –Building a new home is inspirational and design-driven in so many ways. Who wouldn’t love picking out a trending light fixture, countertop color, and new cabinets? Fieldstone Homes is the leader in home design and showcases the latest trends in top-notch model homes in Utah Real Estate. In addition to beautiful design elements, new homes offer a ton of additional value in the areas home-buyers don’t often think to check first: behind the walls. Fieldstone Homes’ newly built homes are more energy-efficient than ever.

The benefits of a new home are unmatched and sometimes overlooked by home buyers. There really is no comparing of the efficiencies of older homes to newer ones, especially those that date back 20 plus years. Fieldstone Homes takes you behind the walls to share some key elements to consider when buying a home that may push you to purchase new instead of existing.

Top 4 Items Behind The Walls

1. HVAC Systems
Heating and Cooling units set the stage as one of the key elements in any new home. The details that go into recently made HVAC systems are really astounding and are a huge improvement over old units. Just ask an HVAC company what it would cost to replace an entire outdated system. High-efficiency units are also available in the Fieldstone Homes Design Studio so you can upgrade to the level that suits your home and budget. Simply put, a new home with a new HVAC unit will save you money and put your mind at ease.

2. Insulation
There are varying levels of insulation that are rated. The R stands for resistance to heat flow so the higher the R-Value the better the insulation resists heat flow.

When you buy a new home from Fieldstone Homes, you’ll be guaranteed high-quality insulation installed automatically. Upgrades to your insulation are also available. When you buy an existing home this area can be overlooked and bringing it up to the current quality of products on today’s market can be costly and inconvenient. The investment in a brand new home can improve the overall efficiency of your home and save you time, money, and stress down the road. If you purchase an existing home, this can be replaced with out-of-pocket expenses that really add up.

3. Electrical
Have you ever lived in an apartment or home that doesn’t have enough electrical outlets? In today’s cord-centric world, it can be really frustrating. When you buy a new home, you decide not only how many you will add but where they will be added. You also get all-new lighting fixtures and wires throughout the home.

4. Floorplan
There’s nothing like wide-open spaces that are flooded with light. Existing homes often have cut-up spaces that are difficult and sometimes impossible to update because the foundations simply can’t be changed without major overhauls. High-functioning kitchens and great rooms are a must-have in a new home so why not demand it?

Enjoy all aspects of living in a new home. What a great investment to buy new for improved systems, materials and all backed by a warranty. It’s a no-brainer.

Canyon Point at Traverse Mountain

Fieldstone Homes is happy to announce their newest community, Canyon Point at Traverse Mountain. Fieldstone will hold its grand opening in November. These unique homesites are at the top of the hillside with unsurpassed views and serenity, featuring Fieldstone Homes all-new architectural details. To get timely updates on Fieldstone Homes most anticipated announcements, make sure to sign up for their VIP list!

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- Ian Bartlett