Top 3 Kitchen Trends For Your New Home

Top 3 Kitchen Trends For Your New Home

Jordan, one of our incredible designers, joins Nicea to talk about the top 3 kitchen trends! Think bold with your kitchen and get everything you want in our design studio!

When it comes to design, DON’T PLAY IT SAFE. Make sure you have fun and stand out from the crowd. Do something you absolutely love whether it’s a green backsplash or bold cabinet color.

Go BOLD in design as Fieldstone Homes would say. When people come to your home they will notice. It makes all the difference between the same as everyone else and showing off your unique style through design. One of the most important areas in your home will always be the kitchen. There are so many kitchen design styles it can be a bit overwhelming to think about, not to mention trying to understand the differences between each style.

What are the top 3 kitchen trends to consider for your new home?

Color Palette

Timeless/North Hampton Style – Trend Used By The De Vissers Reversed 2-tone

Paint Island/Upper Cabinets Traditional Base

Wood Over White and Grey

Warm light wood finishes are becoming the base color of the home

A splash of color is added as accents – it’s flip-flopping

It ties into the wall paint – which is also huge

Bold Kitchen Sink Are Really Big

Black Quartz Composite (Jordan will take the photo of her sink) Apron Front Farmhouse Sink Use A Unique Faucet that enhances the look of the sink Think BOLD DESIGN. There are great ways to be bold on a budget.

For more BOLD design ideas, follow the De Vissers on their Fieldstone Homes experience. Follow the HOME Series right here on Good Things Utah every Wednesday at 9 AM. Join Fieldstone Homes as they follow a young Utah couple in the complete home-building experience. It’s a local show designed for everyone and for the Utah Home lifestyle. Think bold. Think Fieldstone Homes.

- Nicea DeGering and Ian Bartlett