The Coughlan’s Unveil Their Brand New Home in Time for the Holidays

The Coughlan’s Unveil Their Brand New Home in Time for the Holidays

(Good Things Utah) –Now at the end of their homebuilding journey, the Coughlan’s, who we’ve followed throughout their entire home building experience, was finally able to rip off the wrapping paper and unveil their brand new home just in time for Christmas celebrations.

With help from professional designers and expert home builders, the energetic family was able to personalize their entire home with custom interior and exterior design features, from flooring and exterior to appliances and unique color palettes throughout.

Creating households that are developed to last and with a range of flooring designs to satisfy virtually everyone’s needs, Fieldstone Homes make sure their homes will hold their value long after you move away. Fieldstone Homes has a remarkable mix of communities, industry-defining warranties, and smart designs that are developed to achieve the greatest living place possible for their clients.

If you’re looking for some home-building inspiration, The Coughlan’s home is a great place to start. Below you’ll find exclusive photos from inside the Coughlan’s brand new Lehi home in Traverse Mountain – A Fieldstone Homes special.

To celebrate their new home, the Coughlan’s shared with us their five favorite features.

1. The Best Location

Traverse Mountain in Lehi, Utah is at the heart of Silicon Slopes. Tech companies and other retail are flocking to this area, making it a second economic center in Utah. Not only do residents have a short commute, but shopping, dining, and entertainment are just minutes away! They can visit the Outlets at Traverse Mountain, the Terrace at Traverse Mountain, or the museums at Thanksgiving Point. Additionally, Traverse Mountain neighborhoods have scenic, elevated views and close access to American Fork Canyon.

2. Exterior

The sky’s the limit when you choose to build a custom home and the exterior of this beauty reflects the Coughlan style completely.

The colors and the facade are so pretty and hit every design point they had envisioned in the design process. The dark exterior basically bleeds Fieldstone Homes main message – to think BOLD. And to say it’s anything but would be doing the home an injustice. It’s bold, modern, and sleek. 3. Extra Space Everywhere With a newly built home comes brand new spaces to explore, and the Coughlan’s sure do have a lot of it! The new home features a lot more space than what they had prior, with plenty of well-crafted areas where the family feels comfortable taking a break and putting up their feet. Everyone in the family has their own area to escape to, while the generously sized family areas provide ample room for family activities or for hosting guests. The new home has playrooms, amazing bedrooms, great rooms on the main floor, and in the basement. 4. Large Kitchen and Great Storage There is so much storage around the house and they love all the versatility it affords the family. They can store everything, leaving the house feeling uncluttered, clean, and organized. With the kitchen often referred to as the heart of the home, and for good reason, the Coughlan’s kitchen acts as a great centerpiece and introduction to the rest of the home.

5. Huge Open Windows

There are so many windows! The design maximizes incoming light and opens the house to some of the spectacular views of Utah’s most coveted surroundings. Every home, of course, has views of its surroundings, but not every home enjoys breathtaking landscapes. The Coughlan’s new home in Lehi has some of the best around.

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