Introducing the Coughlans! 3 Home Design Requests Your Husband Probably Relates To!

Introducing the Coughlans! 3 Home Design Requests Your Husband Probably Relates To!

The most common conflicts when moving into a new home usually revolves around how each person wants to decorate or design their shared space. Sometimes, one person takes the lead, and the other simply approves final selections. In the case of Fieldstone Homes’ newest couple, there are only three things husband, Cameron really wants in their new home.

Introducing the Coughlans (GTU) – Sarah and Cameron Couglan are the newest Fieldstone Homes couple giving you exclusive access to the Fieldstone Homes build process. From start to finish – aired on Good Things Utah, you’ll see the Coughlin’s home take shape and become their custom-designed dream home in Traverse Mountain, Lehi. Having outgrown their small-ish townhome, the Coughlans set sail on the high waters of Utah’s housing market not knowing the eventual u-turn they would take. Despite loving their current townhome, the Couglans were looking forward to making new memories in a fresh location, preferably with a nice view. And with a nice view, it was!

During the starting phases of the family’s home search, Sarah noticed a new development underway a short way up the road from them. To no one’s surprise, the development was a brand new Fieldstone Community. Fieldstone Homes has sold various communities including Northridge where the Coughlans decided to build their new home. This technology-rich location has the top-rated home sites by Fieldstone Homes with the newest at the top of the mountain called Canyon Point.

This community consists of gorgeous homesites with views and it’s nestled in a canyon for a once-in-a-lifetime home buying opportunity. When Sarah got to exploring the Northridge development, her eyes were glued to one of the last lots in the area. Positioned just high enough on the hillside for a landscape view of the valley below, the Coughlans knew the lot was absolutely perfect for their new home. Traverse Mountain in Lehi One of Lehi’s budding backdrop neighborhoods, Traverse Mountain is magical for home-builders and buyers alike. With everything lined up, the Coughlans committed to building in the newest Fieldstone Home Community in Traverse Mountian, Lehi. Most people who have been to beautiful Lehi know about The Outlets at Traverse Mountain, but beyond this popular destination lies a community that’s every bit as magical as a neighborhood can get.

Northridge lies up Hidden Canyon and provides spectacular views of the Utah Valley that will make your heart fuller every day. The community offers: Unsurpassed Views Just Minutes From Local and National Retailers including Cabela’s, Nike and the Outlet Mall Dozens of Top rated restaurants down the hill and accessible in 5 minutes Relax and Unwind On The Natural Hiking/Walking Trails up The Canyon Schools Northridge offers ten gorgeous floor plans for new homes in Lehi, with a range of 2,289 to 3,670 total square feet, 3 to 6 bedrooms, and 2.5 to 4.5 bathrooms. Carefully designed with the highest quality features and finishes, these homes are where you’ll always feel your best.

Now with Canyon Point on its way the carefully designed and crafted homes offer the highest quality features and finishes in a prime location near everything Lehi, Utah has to offer. Why the Coughlans decided to build with Fieldstone Producing homes that are built to last and with a variety of floor plans to satisfy virtually everyone’s needs, Fieldstone Homes ensures your home will hold its value for years to come. They have family-friendly communities, outstanding warranties, and intelligent designs that are created to achieve maximum living space. “One of the main reasons we wanted to build with Fieldstone is because we could get the feel of a building a custom home without actually building (and paying for) a fully custom home.”

CAMERON COUGLAN ON FIELDSTONE HOMES Sarah is more of a “beauty is in the details” type of person. Claiming to work outside the box, Sarah says she’s way more in touch with interior and exterior design than Cameron is. Cameron on the other hand likes to keep things simple. The only things on his wishlist? A three-car garage, a fan ceiling fan in the master, and a sink in the laundry room. Thankfully, they both share similar tastes. So far the building process hasn’t been too stressful since they’re typically on the same page with things. The stability allows them to get super creative and get outside of their comfort zone.

As homebuyers, Cameron and Sarah had access to the Design Studio, a streamlined process to select colors, designs, and options for an unsurpassed experience. Every detail matters and the Fieldstone Homes design team understand those details. There were numerous options available to us in the design center that let us customize our home to reflect the style we wanted. We didn’t not have to worry about doing a ton of additions or changes after the fact.

 Welcome the new Fieldstone Homes family to Good Things Utah! Make sure you follow the HOME Series right here on Good Things Utah every Wednesday at 9 AM. Join Fieldstone Homes as they follow the young Utah couple in the complete home-building experience. It’s a local show designed for everyone and for the Utah Home lifestyle. Think BOLD. Think Fieldstone Homes. - Nicea DeGering, Ian Bartlett