How To Create the Dream Outdoor Space

How To Create the Dream Outdoor Space

dream space 13If you’re looking to add more livable space to your home without going through an expensive and extensive construction project, consider adding an outdoor living room. Unlike a deck or courtyard, outdoor living rooms have a roof to protect your space from the elements but is far less expensive than adding another room to your home.

The difference between this outdoor dream space from other outdoor dining or lounge areas is that it is attached to your home. This brings the indoors and out together facilitating the connection of nature and comfort giving your space the dreamy feel you’re going for.

Most outdoor spaces nowadays have the option for traditional and ambient lighting as well as the ability to hook up special outdoor television sets. Create your dream relaxing space wrapped in nature, there’s nothing like a living room in the great outdoors. Here, the steps to creating your dream outdoor space.

Lay down the Comfort

outdoor dream spaceOne of the first things you need to distinguish your outdoor living space from the rest of your yard is a rug. Rugs provide warmth and intimacy to an area by creating a boundary between the room itself and the rest of the elements. This is an item that most homeowners forget leaving an outdoor area feeling unfinished and less cozy. The soft touch, colors and patterns of rugs will allow your design aesthetic to carry over from the inside of your home.

Consider purchasing a weather-resistant rug made with polypropylene, these are most like their indoor counterparts, but offer the ease of being hosed off and air dried. You can also look for durable, natural fiber rugs like jute (burlap is made of this); rugs made with synthetic fibers are great because they can be shaken and vacuumed easily. Don’t forget the pad for beneath your rug, this is crucial! Rug pads help air circulate through the fibers, which makes the rug last longer and keeps it firmly in place.

Have a seat

dream space 11Once you’ve found the perfect rug to distinguish your outdoor space look for furniture that is comfortable enough to sink into for hours. Furniture is a key player in creating the dream outdoor living space. What will make the space feel as cozy as an indoor family room is the comfort level, so look for wide chairs that allow ample room to curl up your legs.

Look for thick, lightweight cushions with weather-resistant and fade-resistant fabrics, these materials tend to dry faster and resist mildew ensuring your outdoor area looks and feels great long after you design it.

Light Up the Area

outdoor dream spaceTiki torches and solar posts in the ground are outdated and don’t belong in your dream outdoor space. You’ll want to mirror the intimacy of your indoor living room, outside. Set the mood with overhead light fixtures like chandeliers, candelabras, and tabletop lighting that’s grated for outdoor use.

It’s crucial you look for lighting made with weather resistant iron or die-cast aluminum so it can withstand the elements, but still looks like a typical indoor fixture. Firepits and outdoor fireplaces have become a norm in recent years with their benefits of setting the mood and temperature, this allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space even when it’s chilly.

Designer Decor

<img src="" alt="dream space 11" width="564" height="846" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-6925" />Now that you have a cozy space it’s time to add some accessories to really make the space feel like your dream outdoor living room. Table top treasures, candles, warm throws, the possibilities go on to make this area feel homey. Consider adding drapes to soften the space from building materials and the yard but make sure you look for fade-resistant and weather-resistant fabrics.

Planters and dividing screens made of weather-resistant material can also define a space giving it the dimension you’re looking for. Make sure plants are placed according to the size they’ll reach at maturity, you don’t want to deal with a fully grown plant taking over your outdoor living space.

Garden stools and bar carts as well as TV consoles and coffee tables made of woods, like teak and bamboo are smart choices if you like to entertain. The more surfaces for guests to relax, set down their drink or kick up their legs the better!

Eye-Catching Pieces

dream space 16Take the opportunity to really make this area a dream space that you can escape to! The outdoor surrounds provide a fun opportunity to incorporate items you wouldn’t necessarily put inside your home. Would you ever have considered hanging a swinging daybed from the ceiling? Maybe not but you should! These are are wide, comfortable swings the size of sofas guaranteed to give your outdoor living room a dreamy atmosphere.

Whatever you choose to do with your outdoor space, a fresh-air living room is an easy and much less expensive way to extend your home, your time spent outdoors and perhaps even your own personal oasis right outside the back door!

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