How to Brilliantly Add Color To Your Home This Winter

How to Brilliantly Add Color To Your Home This Winter

Is the cold winter weather getting you down? Banish those dreadful moods by adding this season’s trendiest colors to your home. Whether you’re looking to add pops of color or completely revamp your space, we’ve got the color’s for you.


gold Gold is one of the most popular colors that is showing up in homes and on runways everywhere. This color is being used as a neutral and with neutrals making it one of the most versatile decorating tools around. If gold doesn’t sit well with the men in the house, pair it with grays or blues for a more masculine and modern vibe.


cranberry room This color goes perfectly with the holiday season but will remain rich all winter long. This dark shade of cranberry mixes well with metallics, mocha, and golden brown. Cranberry adds the perfect pop of color to your home during the holidays whether your choose to use a little or a lot of it.


mustard yellow This trendy shade will instantly brighten a room while putting a smile on your face. This shade of yellow brings on a positive emotional and psychological response. A color like this pairs well with bright yellow as seen in the photo but also a classic black and white. Want to add more colors to your home with this fun hue? Include jewel tones like teal and burgundy to your home as well.


tangerine This red-orange color was named Pantone’s color of the year in 2012 and is making a powerful statement in people’s home’s today. Unlike your typical orange or red, this shade is rich and can recharge any room. Not ready to let go of those moody hues like indigo or blue-green, not to worry it pairs well with those too! Add it to an accent wall in a neutral room to create instant inspiration or use it as an accent piece.

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