Home Office Hacks

Home Office Hacks

More and more people are beginning to work from home either full or part time. The key to any successful home office is creating a work-space that is both livable and productive. We have put together 10 tips for turning your home office into a personal sanctuary.

1. Decorate like a Home, Not an Office

how-to-build-industrial-wood-shelves-modish-amp-main-1483347217n4g8kTry incorporating light colors and natural materials like wood and leather. Offices typically have a cold antiseptic feel from the metal, try avoid it unless going with an industrial look. Little things like photo’s, plants, or candles can make an office feel more homey.

2. Build or Refurbish Your Desk

shaw walker deskDon’t overspend on a desk at Office Depot or a furniture store in order to create a productive work space. Take on a DIY project by re-purposing a free desk off KSL or Craigslist. Want something that’s less work but still modern and affordable? Ikea offers desks under $100. By refurbishing your own desk you have complete control over the creativeness from colors to personalized knobs and it’s typically more cost effective in the long run.

3. Tame The Cords

hidden cordsIf you’re working from home, it’s likely you’ll be relying on a slew of electronic devices to keep the productivity up. Manage the excessive cords by using double-sided Velcro on the backside of your desk. Eliminating the cords from your direct vision will make the space feel less cluttered and more organized.

4. Good Lighting is Key

lightsGive your home office a surprisingly element to make it feel unique. Veer away from using traditional office lamps or having fluorescent lights that produce headaches. Try re-purposing a vintage or antique lamp to give you office an at home feel.

5. Accent Wall

accent walllAn accent wall behind your desk can really change the mood of the room. Whether you want to use a trendy brick wall paper or a bright color, give your home office some style! The purpose to get away from the white and gray cubicle feeling, incorporate your style so you feel good when you’re working in this space!

6. Invest in a Good Mouse and Keyboard

ergonomicThis is a critical factor to any office whether at home or not. You want something that is comfortable when you’re working long hours. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse can save you from arthritis pains but takes a little time to get used to.

7. Find a Supportive Chair

chairsMake sure you do your research and testing when choosing your office chair, consider something ergonomic and comfortable. You’ll want to have good posture and support while spending long days sitting in a chair. For those who get restless or want a core workout, try an exercise ball switched out with your chair every once in awhile.

8. Multiple Monitors

multiple monitorsUse an adapter to plug your laptop into a second and potentially even a third monitor for more screen space. Also make sure you elevate your laptop to avoid straining your neck from looking between the two screens. By incorporating multiple screens into your work-space you can view more than one thing eliminating the need to click back and forth.

9. Boost Your WiFi

eero06You might as well be stranded on a deserted island if your internet is not quick and reliable while working from home. There are a variety of modems available that can extend your signal and increase WiFi speed.

10. Use a Cabinet or Shelves

cabinetsBy using an appealing cabinet or shelves you can organize your office supplies and keep your desk neat. There are a variety of ways you can turn your organizers into office decor, jsut be creative!

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