Flooring Trends 2022: Foundational to Your Home and its Design

Flooring Trends 2022: Foundational to Your Home and its Design


Flooring is foundational to any home. In the past, not much thought was given to flooring, only that it needed to last at least 30 years.

Today, it is still foundational, but to the whole home design as well. Once you add a the right flooring, it brings the whole design together.

Type of Material

There are so many types of floors on the market today. Some of the most popular flooring trends in 2022 include tile, laminate, carpet, and engineered hardwood.

Engineered hardwood is the main material in homes right now. It is durable, you don’t have to refinish it like wood, and there are a large variety of colors. You can choose a timeless black walnut that doesn’t lose it’s style or bright, beachy colors.

Think Bold with Hot Flooring Trends 2022

Because it’s so much of the room, it ties all the elements together. Flooring can be as bold as you can imagine. There are so many options. You can even place unique flooring in powder baths and laundry rooms. Create something bold with a sunburst color or honeycomb pattern. Place subway tiles in showers or on backsplashes. Carpets are still in and are mostly low pile, patterned carpets liked checkboard style or stripe.

Tile designs are all over the place and can customize any room. Take it from blah to fabulous. Use something fun or sophisticated. The pattern makes all the difference.


The look of quality flooring can’t be overlooked. The material used shows off quality and includes a lot of the flooring in new model home in Payson. Fieldstone always uses material that will last.

Payson Home Floor Plans – Grand Opening

This weekend, Fieldstone Homes is spotlighting the Payson Floor Plan with a grand opening. They will show a model homes in a “parade of homes” style. You can also go to FieldstoneHomes.com and look for the specific home floor plans for Payson.