Fieldstone Service Month Update

Fieldstone Service Month Update

November is the month of giving and service here, at Fieldstone Homes. As part of our 40 year celebration, Fieldstone as well as our charity, Partner's in Hope will be donating money as well as resources to many Utah local organizations.

Volunteering is super important to Fieldstone Homes. Different departments throughout the month of November will be working together to provide services to those in need. This past week many departments kicked off Service Month. Here are two different charities Fieldstone Homes and Partner's in Hope, donated their time.

South Valley Services

On Friday, November 12th, Design, Purchasing, Operations, Architecture, Construction and Warranty Teams all collaborated their own skills to help the families and staff at South Valley Services.

South Valley Services provides safe shelter and ongoing supportive services to women, men, and their families who have been impacted by domestic and sexual violence. Help is available 24 hours a day.

Since 1998, South Valley Services has been providing domestic violence and sexual assault services throughout Salt Lake Valley and Utah County. Their mission Is to provide a safe space and continuous supportive services to women, men and their children who have been impacted by abuse in some way.

*Their services and emergency shelter location are kept confidential for the safety of all those seeking help*

South Valley Services provides case management, counseling, prevention, to help families and individuals build lives free from domestic and sexual abuse.

 "We wanted to offer our talents and resources that Fieldstone Homes does best to improve the overall space for South Valley Services," said the design team. 

Our Fieldstone Homes teams that volunteered their Friday really wanted to use their every day work skills to create a home that was more inviting, functional and useful to those who have to go there; by using their tools and resources as a home builder to do so. "We wanted to make the space more inviting for the workers and residents there," said Silvana Fredrickson, a designer at Fieldstone Homes.

What They Did

1. Creating a more inviting and warm entry and lounge area

2. Replacing old donation room shelves and creating an organized system with bings & labels

3. Repairing damaged flooring in a room in order to house a family

4. Main floor bathroom makeover

5. Laundry room makeover and replace old mop sink

Family Support Center

The Family Support Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency dedicated to strengthening families through providing education, resources, and support to alleviate stress and diffuse the possibility of domestic violence and abuse.

The Family Support Center began in 1977 through a collaboration between the Junior League of Salt Lake City and the Utah Association for Children's Therapy. The Family Support Center provides the following services:

- Crisis Nurseries

- LifeStart Village

- Clinical Services

- Education Classes

- Adoption Respite

The accounting and IT department teamed up together to provide baskets for basic household needs that each family would need. The laundry baskets would include laundry soap, hygiene products, towels, etc. The teams will be dropping off the items tomorrow.

Fieldstone Home is really proud to be able to provide resources and services to local Utah charities. Keep on eye out for more volunteering blogs for the rest of the month!