Exterior Home Design Trends You Should Definitely Follow

Exterior Home Design Trends You Should Definitely Follow

(GTU) – If you’ve ever been drawn in by the exterior of a well-designed home, you’re not alone. Good ones catch your eye but great ones make you stare. Designers work hard to get it right. The tedious process of exterior home design is an art form that involves so much more than picking the color and finding a nice door.

One of the things that makes exteriors so difficult is the sheer amount of elements that need to work in concert with one another. These include roof color, type of landscaping, gutter color and material, soffit and fascia, stone, cement, windows, and of course the siding! Designers are asked to find a delicate balance between trendy and classic and be sure the design doesn’t fall out of style within the next few years. Achieving the perfect look is one thing many homes fail to achieve.

Brooke Carrig, a designer from Fieldstone Homes, joined Good Things Utah to talk about siding and why so many people are choosing to outfit their homes in it. Brooke also spoke about her hands-on experience with the Design Studio and why it’s a game-changer for potential customers.

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Homeowners value appearance and investing in their homes. Siding gives a lot of bang-for-your-buck and it looks amazing. Fieldstone Homes prefers to use a fiber and cement siding. With a blend of materials consisting mostly of sand and cement, James Hardie® siding is uniquely able to withstand harsh weather, and look excellent doing so. Burbach Exteriors trusts the blend of materials that is naturally moisture, rot, and fire-resistant, guaranteeing quality and safety without compromising design.

James Hardie Siding gives buyers different options for color while also being a durable, made-to-last product.

Fieldstone Homes creates amazing-looking homes, but also amazing streets. Timeless curb appeal is a shared value between the two companies. Making and fostering long-lasting curb appeal is important to keep the value of communities for home buyers and future buyers to come. 

The THINK BOLD approach at Fieldstone includes customized streetscapes to enhance the neighborhoods and add more variety to Utah’s homes. Imagine having a home that is a mix of modern design, with stucco elements, but also features Hardie siding? Or maybe combine craftsman siding with a mix of Hardie Lap siding, the options are endless with the help of Burbach.

Antelope Meadows in Eagle Mountain will be the newest addition to Fieldstone Homes already impressive list. The new neighborhood arriving next month offers three-car garages, ramblers, and a pool/clubhouse. 

If you want to know more about Antelope Meadows or other communities make sure to sign up for their VIP list.

Design is one of the most important aspects of the experience at Fieldstone Homes. Incredible designers are available to customers for anything they might need in their one-of-a-kind Design Studio. Fieldstone Homes works alongside the highest-quality brands and most trusted in the industry to make every option available in nearly every category of home design. Fieldstone can find something to fit any style and budget.

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–  Ian Bartlett