Benefits of Having a Small Yard and Landscaping Ideas

Benefits of Having a Small Yard and Landscaping Ideas

These are some of the major benefits of having a smaller yard and landscaping ideas to transform your outdoor space so you'll want to spend more of your time outdoors this summer! 

A yard, whether big or small, can be turned into the outdoor living space that you've always wanted! No matter the size of the space, your outdoor area should feature some of your personality so that you can thoroughly enjoy spending more time outside this summer. If you're thinking of buying a new home with a smaller yard or currently have one, we've put together a few major benefits of having a smaller yard worth mentioning, along with a couple of landscaping design ideas!

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Minimal Maintenance

This is a commonly known fact about having a smaller yard, and for good reason! Think about all the time you're saving by not having to maintain a larger yard. Less maintenance, less work. This means more time spent enjoying your outdoor space with loved ones, whether you decide to lounge or play a game of badminton. Your yard shouldn't be a hassle to upkeep and thankfully, it won't be.

Lower Cost

You'll be saving money, need we say more? Saving money by not having to water an otherwise larger lawn and paying for maintenance for mowing, trimming, and gardening. You'd be surprised how it all adds up throughout the year if you did have a bigger yard. But instead, you can save up for the next vacation you've had in mind for a while!

small yard, exterior, backyard, small yard ideas

Simpler to Personalize

With a bigger yard, it can be overwhelming to know where to start on designing your outdoor living space and establishing a consistent style, but with a small yard, it's easy! You only have to make a few decisions on what you ultimately want your outdoor space to look like and be used for, then find items to create it. Pretty simple, right? You don't need to hire a landscaper or designer to help you decide what to do unless you really want to.

You can add personality to your space simply by adding features or elements that showcase your hobbies or passions in life. For example, if you have a love for plants, you can make your outdoor space a garden or add a greenhouse.

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Now to the fun part! Here are some landscaping ideas so you can create the outdoor living space you want in your small yard!

Create a Gorgeous Garden

There are so many unique and different ways to create a garden in your small yard you'll love having your plants in! You can have planters on your windows, potted plants in corners of your outdoor space, or gardening boxes near a lounge area. Get creative in deciding what part of your yard you want a garden or have it take up most of your yard, depending on what you prefer!

Design a Lounge Space with Comfy Furniture

If you want to take your lounge space from indoors to outdoors, do so! Find a large outdoor sofa with comfy cushions and add it into your backyard, preferably in a shaded area. You'll have an area in your outdoor space to relax and read a book or drink your afternoon tea as you catch some rays. Invite friends over to your lounge space and socialize as the sun goes down on a warm summer night.

small yard, exterior, backyard, small yard ideas

Make your Outdoor Space a Getaway with a Pool

Add a pool to your small backyard so you can jump right in after spending all day hiking, camping, or at the end of a busy workday! With a pool, you'll have an outdoor space that can be used for relaxing and having fun with friends and family!

Don't want a pool, but still want to feel like you're on a vacation getaway? Add string lights to your outdoor space. This makes your backyard feel more cozy and ready for movie nights or listening to music outdoors!

Host Family Dinners with an Outdoor Dining/BBQ Area

If you enjoy hosting family gatherings and cooking, create an outdoor dining area or BBQ space in your yard! Bring in a large outdoor dining table with benches and add cushions for comfort to your backyard, with an umbrella for shade. Creating an outdoor space for hosting get-togethers and dinner parties will also make for a more fun summer spent with those who mean the most to you!


What's your favorite part about a small yard? What does your ideal outdoor living space include?

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