6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Like a Spa

6 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Like a Spa

Who doesn't want their master bathroom or any bathroom in their home to look and feel like a spa? Yes, that's what we thought! Nobody. That's why we've come up with a few easy and effective bathroom ideas to give you the spa-like experience you deserve to any of your bathrooms.

After a long day, everyone deserves a little self-care. We thought of sharing with you a few bathroom ideas to help your bathroom feel more like a spa, so you can relax in style. So, take these simple design tips as inspiration and don't forget to give yourself some time to relax afterwards!

1. Add Greenery

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Something people often neglect to add when decorating their own home (or bathroom) is greenery. It doesn't matter if the plants are real or fake, either one will help provide any room – especially the bathroom –a relaxing feel. By bringing a bit of nature indoors, your bathroom will become the calming oasis you've always dreamed of.

2. Consider Placing a Tray with Spa Products

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Organize a tray between sinks in your master bathroom with your most luxurious beauty to personal products, such as a soothing face cream, body lotion, facial towel, face masks, etc. Or, keep it simple and only display a few items like candles and flowers to bring the spa to your bathroom.

When these items are easily accessible to you, you'll instantly be reminded to take a minute to yourself and relax every now and again after a long day, plus they look stylish.

3. Choose Complimenting Hardware

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The fixtures you've chosen or end up choosing in your new or current bathrooms make a difference in creating a spa-like atmosphere. In your current bathroom, make sure to have the wall and cabinet paint colors that compliment the hardware. As for a new bathroom, think about whether you want brass and gold to become accents to a neutral bathroom (preferably white or cream), or if you'd rather have chrome for a sleek finish.

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4. Have an Assortment of Towels

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Have you ever noticed how a spa always has a bunch of towels on hand? This is one of the most important bathroom ideas to provide a spa-like experience to your bathroom. It’s vital to have extra towels stashed away in a nearby closet space and a robe, especially if you’re trying to have a self-care Sunday night before the work week.

5. Candles for Dim Lighting

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Candles make everything better. Dim lighting and a comforting fragrance do wonders to any bathroom, especially when it's time to unwind and relax. Find a candle or two that take you back to that beach vacation you went on recently or reminds you of clean laundry, whichever your preference!

6. Choose Warm or Cool Tones

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Creating a bathroom that feels like a spa also comes down to the actual design of the bathroom from the walls to the flooring. An easy way to update your current situation or even a new bathroom is to paint the walls, add towels, and bring in a rug, with all of them in colors and prints which provide a calming effect. These are simple and inexpensive ways to switch up the look and feel of your bathroom. Just remember to avoid using bright or dark colors as the extreme contrast can be anything but soothing.


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