5 Tips to Make Your Living Room More Cozy

5 Tips to Make Your Living Room More Cozy


As soon as you step foot into any home and wander into the living room you immediately feel a sense of comfort, even tranquility. The living room has and always will be the place you will create memories. Whether they are Super Bowl Sunday parties, or binging that Netflix show your best friend introduced you to, the comfort of your living room has helped shape your favorite memories.

But how do you create a cozy atmosphere in your living room? What can you add to your living room space that will make your couch shout to you and your guests, “Welcome, please keep all arms and legs inside the couch at all times. You are about to enjoy a cozy ride.”

We’re here to share with you the 5 greatest tips to make you living room more cozy!

1. Choose a nice and sizeable, comfy couch/sectional:

What says snug as a bug in a rug than adding a large couch or sectional to your living room. The couch is the smile of your living room. It’s one of the first things your guests will notice when they walk into your home. Most people, when they see a couch, instantly think, ‘I wonder how comfortable that couch is?’ Then do you know what they do after that thought? Most likely, they go sit on said couch to feel it out. Test the waters, if you will. Go inside any Ikea or RC Willey and count how many people you see testing out the sofas. This photo of The Vista Scenic Mountain townhome model shows you how adding that comfy couch is an important staple to create that cozy atmosphere.


Strategically placing a few giant, soft blankets and a few large pillows to your couch is the icing on the cake. The blankets and pillows are the pop of color your space needs. They are the best ways to add some spice to your living space. However, we warn you that adding the extra comfort will make it hard for you or your guests to get off the couch. It can be dangerous.

2. Add large scale photos or mirrors to your walls:

Large pieces of art, photography or even funky mirrors can help enhance your living room. Something to keep in mind when choosing what to hang on your walls; make sure you really love whatever you choose because you will have to look at and walk by it every day. You should truly love it, especially if you will be placing your art on the walls in your living room since your living room will be the place you spend most of your time in your home. Or at least that is the goal!

Incorporating bold art helps create a statement. This photo of The Cambridge – Daybreak Model Home truly adds excitement to the living room.


Do you need a pop of color? Or would you prefer to add a black and white photo to add personality? Whatever you choose, we know that it will really make the room come together. Need more ideas on how to decorate your walls? Take a look at our 10 Ways to Decorate Your Walls

3. Layer different rugs:

It’s pretty obvious that adding a statement rug to your living room can really bring a room together by adding texture and dimensions. This allows for a more intimate atmosphere because you are creating a zone within your large or small space. Have you ever thought about layering different types of rugs? Yeah, you heard that right. Think about layering a small furry, or sheepskin rug on top of a larger different colored rug. We love the idea of layering to help boost the vibe of the living room. Nothing says cozy comfort than feeling super soft, delicate fabric beneath your feet.

4. Place house plants to create lush layers

Attention, attention! We are here to tell you that it is time to dust off your green thumb and start utilizing it! Plants are in folks. Frankly, plants have always been ‘in’ but we are emphasizing it even more. Plants, whether real or fake can be a great accent to your new and improved cozy living room. Greenery adds color to your space! Who doesn’t love color? Adding a bit of life by plants (even if they are fake) really captures a sense of home. Check out our blog The Best Houseplant for Every Room to learn which plant is best for your living room.

5. Rearrange your furniture

Maybe you have all of the above items in your living room but you still want your living room to be cozy. Well, have no fear. We have the answer for you. Try rearranging your furniture! Creating a space to be able to create conversations with friends or family member’s is so important. Think how easy a family game night would be if you moved your couch and chairs around. Play around with it, and see if you like something new! What’s the worst that could happen?

We hope these tips helped boost your inspiration to create a cozy living room. We recommend also placing your favorite scented candle on your coffee table, jumping into sweatpants, and cozying up with a warm cup of tea to watch your favorite movie to celebrate your newly, cozy living room.


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