5 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

5 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Deciding how to decorate your smaller living space? We've got 5 tips for decorating small spaces to help you create a space that looks and feels more like home. 

We know what it's like to have a smaller living space, but have learned over the years ways to prevent them from feeling too small, from including a mirror, mixing large with small furniture, and keeping it clean. And we want to let you know that your small space doesn't have to feel small either. There are tips and tricks to creating the illusion of a larger space and by incorporating them, you’ll be able to enjoy your living space even more.

Whether you have a small home or apartment with limited space, we’ve got five decorating tips up our sleeves that help make your home feel like well… your home. You’ll look forward to going home after work to relax and spend time with family. No climbing around all your furniture feeling cramped. You’ll be able to have your friends over without having to make up excuses for not inviting them over. Come on, what’s better than that? Here are five tips in decorating small spaces!


1. Consider Lighting and Mirrors

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Make sure you provide enough lighting to your space as that can help expand the room, along with adding mirrors. Especially if you don’t have much natural light from windows in your space. Add hanging lights, table lamps, and floor lights to light up any corner of your home or apartment. For example, one of our model homes in Daybreak features table lamps on both side tables near the bed, creating the ideal lighting situation for reading a book in bed. These lamp not only provides light, but creates a stunning addition with their modern style. We also think a mirror in your entryway will open up your space by bringing more light in and becoming a beautiful décor element.

2. Add a Large Rug

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Decorating small spaces doesn't have to be a daunting task. The second easiest way to decorating a smaller space is by adding a rug. Not just any size rug, since a tiny rug can actually make your space look even smaller, so please avoid this common mistake. Instead, opt for a large rug that can fit under all or most of your furniture in whichever room you decide to set it in. We would also suggest adding a rug to your living space under the couch, coffee table, and accent chair, or in your bedroom. The options are endless with a rug for just about any room.

3. Have Multi-Functional Furniture

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Finding furniture that can transition from room to room is life changing as well as a functional piece that doubles as extra storage space. A console table can be incorporated into any area of your home, whether as a buffet table in your kitchen, a TV stand in your living room, or dresser in your bedroom. With cabinets, drawers, or shelving, a console gives you storage space, preventing your clothing, media, and books from hanging out on the floor. Another great versatile furniture piece is an ottoman. In front of your living room sofa, an ottoman can serve as a foot rest and also for decorating with plants and a tray for your TV remotes. It can become additional seating space if you have extra guests and not enough sofa room. It doesn’t take up much space at all and some ottomans can open up to store throws.

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4. Create Balance

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When you think of a small space, you might cringe at the thought of adding large furniture to it as it seems to invade the space. But, that’s a myth. Having a mix of large and small furniture spread throughout a room can actually help a space feel more open and a regular sized room. The trick is to not have too much furniture. For example, this bedroom has a large-scale bed frame, but the other furniture is relatively small, providing enough walking room around the bed and more. The bed takes center stage in the bedroom, which seems meant to be! You can also ensure balance to prevent crowding by making sure the colors and patterns are cohesive and there isn’t too many of both. Stick to a color scheme of a few colors for your whole space to coordinate.

5. Include Hideaway Furniture

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A dining table with a butterfly leaf or end leaves is almost vital for any small space, for when guests come over for dinner parties and game nights. Being able to hide or take off the table leaves when guests leave prevents your kitchen from feeling crowded all of the time. Thank goodness these types of tables exist or else your dinner parties would get smaller and smaller and lonelier and lonelier. Ok, that’s dramatic, but you get the point. We love the idea of taking off part of a dining table when it doesn’t need to be there and hiding it away. It seems like such a good idea, especially if you love having friends over. There are also multiple types of hideaway furniture or foldable pieces, such as a desk that lifts up against the wall when not in use or a bed that hides away in a wall insert for added floor space.


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Which decorating tip will you be using? What other tips do you have when decorating small spaces?

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