5 Reasons to Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

5 Reasons to Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

We can’t get enough of the open shelving design trend! So, we thought of sharing a few reasons why we like the trend and why you should try it in your own kitchen.

You’ve probably come across plenty of open shelving kitchen inspiration while scrolling through interior design feeds on social media. Luckily, open shelving has been a trend for a few years now and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon, especially due to its functionality and stylish appearance.

We’re all for the open shelving concept thanks to the overall aesthetic it creates. We offer optional open shelving in many of our floor plans and wanted to showcase a few of the reasons you should incorporate it into your own kitchen!

1. Easy Access to Your Kitchenware

We’ve all had those moments where we can’t seem to find the specific glassware we needed for a special family occasion or that holiday mug you try to reach for every season. With open shelving, all your glassware, plates, bowls, pots, and pans are visible to see, that way you’ll never lose sight of what you own. Place your most used items on the lower shelves to easily grab, with decor above on the upper shelves.

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2. Showcase your Collections

Who said you were only allowed to stack kitchen necessities on open shelving? There are no rules on how to decorate kitchen shelving! So, use that extra space in the corner of your shelves and express your style with plants, pottery, figurines, books, and more. Stick with a color scheme, have fun with mixing pieces together for an eclectic vibe, or display artwork like in the picture shown above, from our Cambridge floor plan in our Daybreak community.

3. Stay Organized

What better way to stay neat and tidy, then using shelving to displays all of your things. If your open shelving doesn’t give you the motivation to keep your items organized, nothing will. Having everything out on shelves means organization is key, and disorder is not an option. You’ll also notice which items get used most often and which don’t, to be thrown out or donated.

4. More Versatility

Open shelving provides your space with endless possibilities for storage space. No more cabinets with corners and walls to separate your things and keep you from finding the last place you set your waffle maker (which so happens to be hiding behind the toaster). With open shelving, you can more easily place all of your things and separate them out a few inches apart.

Talk about even more versatility too! You can add hangers under the shelves to hang your morning coffee mugs or mixing utensils for convenience.

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5. On-Trend Style

Whether you’re into the modern farmhouse style or prefer a traditional look, the practicality of open shelving makes it possible to work with your design preference. For example, seen in the image above of the Coventry model kitchen in Daybreak, the painted white open shelves create a fresh appeal, while stained oak wood open shelves would give a kitchen more of a rustic appearance and design style.

Since open shelving is on-trend and not leaving anytime soon, it will instantly update any outdated kitchen style and also let your backsplash peak through.

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