5 Factors Making Fieldstone Homes the Best Building Experience in Utah

5 Factors Making Fieldstone Homes the Best Building Experience in Utah

(Good Things Utah) Searching for a new home can be a time-consuming, and often pricey, endeavor for those looking to settle down in Utah right now. With homes costing more than ever before, and limited availability in the market, homebuyers have few options and even fewer resources to help them during this search.

For anyone looking to hire a builder for their new home, there are key factors that may influence their overall opinions and final decisions in this process. With that said, when it comes to finding the highest quality building and buying experience in Utah, residents are thrilled to build with Fieldstone Homes. As the preferred home builder in Utah, Fieldstone Homes attributes their lasting success to several factors:

1. Sequence Building

This is a builders term to indicate that development starts in one location, then moves systematically through the community with new homes. Sequencing communities like this creates flow within the neighborhood, rather than “dotting” the area with newer homes. In all, this also means much less disruption for home builders and an overall cleaner area.

2. Clean Communities

Construction teams prioritize keeping an organized and clean job site throughout the entire process. Teams genuinely care about the newly built communities, with workers taking extra time to ensure homes and streets stay clean during it all.

3. Direct Contact with Team

Fieldstone experts pride themselves on keeping constant communications with their clients during every stage of building a home. Open communication with key team members like the Community Sales Manager, Construction Manager, and designers helps to make sure each home turns out exactly how the home buyer envisions.

4. Priority Commitments

Building with Fieldstone Homes, once a buyer goes under contract, the agreed price is locked in. Fieldstone also makes sure to have plenty of lots available for buyers to choose from; despite the current market.

5. Reliable Building Schedule

After building relationships with various long-term trade partners, Fieldstone Homes has achieved better and more reliable building schedules. Their expert trade partners consistently deliver products on time, part of why Fieldstone can build most homes as soon as 8 months from contract. Customer experience is always top of mind, highlighted even more by their organized and stress-free construction process.

There are many reasons why customers love building with Fieldstone Homes. Overall, the individual attention given to each home they build has made Fieldstone Homes one of the most preferred home builders in Utah.

In the market for a new home? Browse their whole collection of communities and floor plans by visiting them online at FieldstoneHomes.com.