3 Showpieces That Make Your Home Standout From The Rest

3 Showpieces That Make Your Home Standout From The Rest

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(GTU) – When designing a new home or even remodeling a room, the key design elements set the tone for the space and will determine the overall look. Many of today’s home buyers tend to play it safe with design, sticking to what they know, but that is changing with a few key areas of focus arond the home. These areas or specific pieces of the home become show pieces that make it truly pop. The common neutral palette that many people go with is accentuated and really elevated with these types of showstopping elements.

Surprisingly, the investment can be minimal and you can still add some really unique trending accents to a home. Start with a basic color palette and add one of these options for the perfect look:

1. Showpiece Fireplace

When you walk into a room, one of the key elements that stands out most is a floor to ceiling fireplace. Fieldstone Homes are well-known for their dramatic and inspiring fireplaces. There is something about the warmth a fireplace can bring to a space even when it’s turned off.

A fireplace provides a showpiece like furniture option, but better because it’s anchored to the house. It can push up the eye to the ceiling or give a vibe of a custom designed space. It’s really awesome.

2. Custom Designed Backsplash
Add a backsplash with a design element like a pattern, shapes or textures. Patterns are really fun and tell a story about not only the room but also the homeowner. Backsplashes can be playful or more sophisticated. The shape of the tile or stone brings a bold look that is hard to achieve otherwise. Even a simple color like white tile can have a bold look because of the tile shape like a hex or something unique.

The texture of a tile can include marble, quartz or a linen and this is so much fun to use in the space. The sheen of the tile also impacts the overall look. There is also the color of the grout that can make a tile pop. The Coughlan’s selected white subway tile with dark grout. It is gorgeous and trending but won’t go out of style in the near future. It’s a timeless look. With so many options to choose from in the market, this is one area that can’t be overlooked.

The backsplash really makes the kitchen design for any home. Don’t settle on blah when you can have a showpiece in your kitchen and great room. And regardless of the space of your kitchen, there is always a place for show stopping tile.

3. Lofts
The new architecture in the market is better than ever. One of the hot areas right now is adding a loft for a second family room, office or play space. It really opens up the second story of a home. The other show-stopper is the open to below area in two-story floor plans and homes. This space has big impact on the overall design. It is gorgeous and creates an open airy look with lots of windows. It’s a winning design style when available.

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– Ian Bartlett